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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Why Travel Insurance For Luxury Cruises Is Recommended

Are you planning a luxury cruise from New Zealand to the Pacific or Caribbean? Should you take out travel insurance; or is this just a waste of money? Experts recommend taking out insurance when travelling for some the below reasons:

  • Medical Reasons – individuals with underlying illnesses will most likely take out travel insurance in the event of an unexpected trip to the emergency room for instance, or to replace lost of missing prescriptions. When travelling, you never know what might happen, and travel insurance provides a safety net for passengers sailing the high seas.
  • Emergency Cash – plan ahead for the what-ifs. What would happen if someone stole your money, credit cards, or even your travel documents? Some travel insurance companies offer emergency cash and assistance in these instances – depending on the coverage that you signed up for.
  • Reimbursement – individuals who travel on luxury cruises will most often travel with expensive clothing and jewelry, some of which carry heirloom quality. What would happen if these were stolen or lost during transit? By evaluating the value of luggage, passengers can most often be reimbursed if travel insurance was secured.
  • Cancelled Trips – because life happens, protect yourself in the event of a cancellation by signing up for travel insurance. Weather, accidents, illness, and other obligations are just a few examples of why a luxury cruise may be cancelled.

 So whether you’re going on P&O Cruises or Princess Cruises, get a quote for travel insurance – for the ultimate protection.