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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sail Away to the Lap of Luxury with Lets Cruise

Over the past few decades many advancements and industry firsts have graced our ships. Most of those advancements are amenities for you, the customer. Aboard many of our luxury cruise lines you will find amenities such as rock climbing, on board swimming pools, , and ice skating rinks, just to name a few. To think, these are just the outdoor activities offered, they don’t include free Wi-Fi, cafes, and live shows indoors. No matter which line you choose, you are sure to find one that fits your style and offers the perfect amount of luxury for you or your family.

Here at Lets Cruise, we offer 3 major luxury lines to help fulfill your luxury get away needs, whether it is with the whole family or with your significant other. Royal Caribbean is a leader in the industry for ground breaking first such as on board ice skating and rock climbing. On the other hand, Celebrity lines will give you the ultimate in comfort and luxury. You will find several different activities such as wine tastings, art classes, dance lessons, and several other fitness activities. The famed Cunard Queens ships offer large suites, most of which have balconies so you can view the sea from the comfort and privacy of your room. On these lines you will find amenities such as planetariums, National Symphony orchestra performances, and afternoon tea time.

No matter which line you choose, one of them is sure to present the right type of luxury you are looking for in a cruise vacation. All three of these lines has a look and feel completely their own. From modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi to old world tea times and wine tastings, Royal Caribbean,  Celebrity, or Cunard Queens will have you ready for another cruise the second you get home.

Take a Cruise Holiday with Lets Cruise and Get the Best Value for your Money

When most people think about booking cruise holidays, they automatically think it is going to be out of this world, expensive and a headache to find the best value for their money. Fortunately, that isn’t always the case, we always have deals so you can book your next vacation cheap. Luckily for you, we take pride in our ships and the services we offer our customers, so cheap doesn’t mean low quality, in fact it means exactly the opposite!

We have the best pricing on New Zealand lines, many of which are located in the Pacific. Some of the ports you might like to visit in the region are Brisbane, Sydney (Australia), Japan, Papua New Guinea, and many more. This means that you will have the chance to visit countries you never dreamed possible, and definitely not in the price range we can offer! It is a good idea to check out website for current promotions, as all of these locations may not be available and deals are updated frequently.

Going on a holiday cruise doesn’t have to entail high cost, lack of luxury, or sacrificing amenities you really want because of your budget. When you search our website for a package that fits your needs, make sure you use the results filter located on the left side of the page. This will help further customize the amenities that you are looking for, and the ones you can do without. Planning ahead can definitely help you cut cost and save time while you are vacationing.

When filtering your search results it is a good idea to sort the results by starting price as this will give you the lowest priced cruises at the top of the page. You should also choose how many nights you are planning to be aboard the ship. You can choose from several different pricing options at the bottom of this panel that will further narrow your results to your existing budget. Using this tool will greatly help in making sure you don’t find a cruise that is more than what you can spend. Taking a couple of minutes to make these selections can help you find the very best deal for your vacationing budget. It is also a good idea to broaden your location selection. Choosing to incorporate all of our regions in your search will give the best range of vacations in your budget.