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Lets Cruise Saving You Money on Your Next Cruise Holiday

Plan your next Cruise Holiday with Lets Cruise whether it’s a Luxury Cruise or a Cheap Cruise you are planning. These tips on cruising will help you on your Cruise Vacation.

At Lets Cruise – You might want to get an all-inclusive cruise that offer the perfect formula for a budget-friendly getaway with meals, lodging and entertainment bundled into one price. With cruise lines continually launching innovative add-ons one can accumulate rather a large bill while thinking that you are hugely saving. The  extra fees that aren’t typically covered in all-inclusive rates, like laundry, fitness classes and premium beverages, these can add up significantly to your cost, at Lets Cruise we plan and make sure you get the best cruise deals available and open all cards no hidden agendas so you get the cheap cruises or I may say affordable cruises.

While creating the extra savings which is important, some experiences on board and ashore are worth spending, by making the right choice to make that extra splurge without going overboard – which so easy to do at times to restrict this is no simple task as the temptations are galore. Let – Lets Cruise help you make the right choice as they have been providing and planning Cruise Holidays for Kiwis. With the experience Lets Cruise carries it can get you cheap cruise deals, or even Luxury Cruise deals at affordable prices. Cruising from Auckland or Cruising from any part of New Zealand is now hassle free on any cruise liner that you want to board like Pacific cruise, P&O Cruise or any other Luxury Cruise.

Lets Cruise can help you make the most of your cruise budget without compromising on fun.

The Bar Counter

If you are aboard a Luxury cruise such as those managed by Crystal, Silversea or Regent Seven Seas (where all drinks are mostly included in your cruise rate), if your package does not include refreshments you must keep track of all refreshments, especially wine, spirits and soft drinks. Many budget-oriented cruise lines, including P&O Cruises, Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, more or less don’t cover alcoholic beverages in their cruise rates, there are beverage packages that you can buy to save you money and get those perfect deals on these cheap cruises. You can also take your own Bottle of Wine or Spirit onboard but keep in mind most cruise lines apply a corkage fee. Cruises also offer free drinks so make sure to take advantage of free drinks served at special events during your voyage.


You could for a sum of good money get a picture taken by a professional photographer on board or carry your own camera to save money. When you look back on your fantastic cruise holiday vacation, you’ll likely want to reminisce by looking through your photos the captured views and vantage points that have made your cruise vacation memorable while at sea and ashore.

Shore excursion

Lets Cruise will take the hassle out when it comes to make the booking for you shore excursion the cost will vary depending on the cruise line, excursion type, duration and destination, Lets cruise will always try to get the best rates and discounts and will match tours based on itinerary and ensure your desired excursion is available on the day you’re in port. When scheduling your shore excursion, make sure you leave yourself ample time to get back on the ship before it departs for its next port of call

Some luxury cruise lines, such as Regent Seven Seas, cover shore excursions in their cruise prices, meaning you won’t have to pay extra. Let Lets Cruise help you trim down your budget and make your Cruise Holidays a memorable one.

Staying In Touch While Cruising on a Cheap Cruise or Luxury Cruise –

While staying in touch while travelling overseas through social networks, like Facebook ,Twitter, Pintrest or be it Instagram your roaming data can chew quite a bit of our budget. Before you set sail, it will be a wise idea to check with the telecom provider and check the charges or even a prepaid international roaming card. When on aboard make sure that your roaming data is disabled and use the Ship’s Wi-Fi if available (there could be some data restrictions) and charges.

Spa Treatment during your Cruise Holidays.

If the Spa facility and treatment is not included in you package check what packages are available onboard. At times when the ship is docked the chances are you’ll find better deals for Spa treatments than you would during days at sea. Cheap Cruises or even Luxury Cruise Liners offer slashed rates during port days. Be sure to enquire about “port day” discounts


The sumptuous meals served at the buffet will cater to your taste buds as the variety served at the buffet will take care of your savoury and sweet tooth needs.

Meals at Gourmet shops will add to the expense list while worth a try it must be kept in check. Some cruise lines charge a flat per-person fee, while others impose a-la-carte prices make sure that you do your research prior to choosing where to eat.

The Great Gambler – Casino

Even if your Lady Luck is at your side, keep track and narrow your risk before stepping inside the casino. With Luxury Cruises & Cheap Cruises rolling out glitzy casinos that offer a diverse selection of games –roulette and baccarat, make sure that the Casino does not spoil the rest of your cruise holiday.